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Film Music Magazine - Interview with composer Stephen Endelman and Raymond De Felitta

Now the duo who are linked at the NYC-hip are back in a borough with “Bottom of the 9th.” It’s a heartfelt look at Sonny Stano (Joe Manganiello), a player who was already a major league Yankees contender before an encounter with some toughs ended in an accidental slaying. Now back after 17 years on the streets of The Bronx (a neighborhood Endelman knows well from the masterful “A Bronx Tale”), Stano seeks to make amends and make something of his perilous freedom. One beacon of hope is Angela Ramirez (Manganiello’s real wife Sofia Vergara), an almost angelically forgiving old girlfriend. The other is baseball, a sport for which a nearly aged-out Stano has never lost his talent. Feeling some measure of guilt in Stano’s’ fate, his old friend Hannis (De Felitta regular Michael Rispoli) invites him back to the Yankees training team to coach a fiery hotshot – paving the way for the ex-con’s seemingly impossible return to the big leagues.


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